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Could the room be the problem? Usually it is.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Let us analyze your space and design acoustical solutions before you spend any money on new microphones, DSP, or loudspeakers. If your room is the problem, a new microphone, DSP, or loudspeaker won't solve it. Of course if changing the room is out of the question we can make stopgap recommendations to help mitigate your situation. This room has multiple problems which need to be addressed.

Hard surfaced room to illustrate reverberation problems

Unless it is a Non-Environment control room, there is such a thing as too much absorption. This room with carpet, acoustical tile ceiling, and about 50% wall coverage of 2 inch thick fiberglass most likely sounds boomy and has multiple low frequency modes throughout the room that don't respond to eq. It would benefit from acoustical outrounds, which in addition to mitigating room modes will assist with clarity and congregational singing.

Church with too much acoustic absorption, which will not provide good support for congregational singing.

Schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help resolve your sound problems.

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